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AuthorAlexander Sasha Pachev

MySQL Enterprise Solutions

Annotation This book is meant to be a practical guide for anyone deploying a mission- critical application that uses MySQL as a database backend. No book can answer every question on a subject, but it is my hope that for the questions it does not answer, it will give you enough background and direction to enable you to find the answer quickly through your own research.
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      SQL Server 2000 XML

SQL Server 2000 XML

ѕодробно описана техника работы с базами данных SQL Server посредством XML-документов. –ассмотрен стандарт XML, техника извлечени€ данных из базы с помощью FOR XML, возможности представлени€ XML-документов в виде рел€ционных наборов данных с помощью ...

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